Mollars Token Presale Extended As First Crypto Exchange Confirms It Will Launch


Mollars token presale has had an exhilarating 2024, becoming the top  verifiable cryptocurrency initial coin offering. Transparent with their ICO wallet addresses, every bit of the 1.2-million-dollars raised thus far is able to be verified by investors as it surpasses 67% sold out.   Now, the store of value token for Ethereum Blockchain has extended the presale,  allowing Bitmart crypto exchange the time to confirm its launch on their CEX.

“#BitMart is thrilled to announce the upcoming listing of Mollars token (MOLLARS) @mollarstoken” wrote the popular crypto exchange on X [fka twitter].

9-Million Crypto Traders Confirmed To Get Access to Mollars


The prominent cryptocurrency exchange has over 9-million users internationally and is the first to confirm that Mollars token will launch.  With just a total token supply of just 10-million, perhaps the one exchange would be enough to exhaust all whole $MOLLARS tokens.

Regardless, it’s not the only exchange set to list Mollars. According to an official reddit post, multiple exchanges have already confirmed they will list the new Bitcoin rival.   Due to the policy of CEXES however, the names cannot be released before the token has launched.

The listings come with a slight price however;  Mollars token has had to push back their launch date to the end of the month, May 31st.  

Reason for ICO Extension

The pullback will allow crypt investors more time to invest in the new cryptocurrency during its initial coin offering stage but also help ensure the liquidity pool is $1-million-dollars or as close to it as possible.

This token presale has a hard cap of $2-million-dollars, which will be distributed between liquidity pool and brand development according to the tokenomics report [via].

Crypto News Youtube show host, ‘Ari,’ did a review on the Mollars tokenomics calling the structure legitimate and showing potential for an ‘explosive’ token growth; possibly a 20x in ROI yields for ICO investors..


Other reasons cited for the extension include the loss of 45 days during the ICO.  Earlier, domain registry shell company “NJAL.LA,” which is owned by one of the cofounders of SilkRoad, attempted to hijack  The action was quickly reversed after put out a report on the situation, including names of parties involved. 

Before the situation, Mollars token presale was averaging around 90,000 token sales per day.   It tools nearly 1.5 months for the ICO to reach similar averages.

Today, Mollars initial coin offering is back to its normal pre-sales totals.   Crypto investors bought nearly $28,000 [9.3ETH] of $MOLLARS tokens in the last 24 hours alone.

If the these stats continue,  excluding weekends, Mollars should raise over $650,000 between now and the May 31st deadline; Enough to put the ICO very close to hard cap.  This would help solidify the store-of-value token’s liquidity pool and maximize the token’s price potential on listing day.

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