Chirp Network Joins peaq to Build Unified DePIN Connectivity

Chirp Network has partnered with peaq to provide connectivity solutions for decentralized physical infrastructure networks (DePINs).

According to a press release shared with, Chirp Network will integrate its telecommunications technology with peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and machine real-world assets (RWAs).

Chirp and peaq Collaborate to Enhance Device Communication

Chirp is developing a unified, multi-protocol decentralized connectivity network capable of facilitating data exchange across any supported protocol and any distance.

Its network features “Blackbird” gateway devices, already operational in 33 countries, which would provide connectivity across various IoT channels such as LoRaWAN, LoRa 2.4 GHz, and BLE.

The Blackbird devices are powered by Chirp’s LTE networks, enabling them to connect devices across the globe. This aims to enable seamless data exchange across networks and fleets, supporting a borderless communication backbone.

By partnering with peaq, Chirp aims to offer versatile connectivity for DePINs, connecting smart devices worldwide using major IoT protocols.

“Decentralized connectivity and networking is an important function for any DePIN,” stated peaq co-founder Till Wendler.

“peaq’s integration with Chirp unlocks this crucial feature for all DePINs in the ecosystem, enabling devices all over the world to communicate via a people-owned network,” said Wendler.

Supporting DePIN Projects with Connectivity Features

XMAQUINA, the creator of the first fully autonomous tokenized robot cafe, will use Chirp Network for connectivity in the peaq ecosystem. The project’s robotic barista was recently presented at the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai.

The barista operated autonomously by connecting to the peaq blockchain through Chirp’s IoT connectivity layer, enabling data exchange.

“Our integration with peaq will bring the DePINs building in its ecosystem one major step closer to it — ultimately resulting in a world whose infrastructure backbone is run by its users,” said Chirp Network founder Tim Kravchunovsky.

Chirp also planned to provide connectivity for ELOOP, which enables tokenized investments in DePINs via the peaq network, and for Silencio, a DePIN that rewards users with crypto for collecting noise pollution data.

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