Magnate Finance Website Goes Offline as Users Fear $6.4 Million Exit Scam

Magnate Finance on Base has deleted its Telegram group and took its website offline earlier today, sparking fears of a yet another exit scam. 

Magnate Finance, which holds $6.4 million in Total Locked Value, has ties with other financial exit scams. 

Blockchain analyst ZachXBT also by Mangate Finance given the deployers address is directly linked to the Solfire $4.8M exit scam. 

The analyst further revealed that Magnate Finance also has on-chain ties with Kokomo Finance exit scam.

Magnate Finance Token Plunges 

Magnate Finance’s token (MAG) has plunged nearly 88% in value since the website went offline. The token is down over 90% in the last 24 hours, as per . 

After ZachXBT warned on X, formerly Twitter, about the potential exit scam, to him, “We stick to the plan? 50-50?” and changed their X bio to “Contract breached by Zach”. 

Magnate Finance has now deleted their X account as well. 

Several users were able to withdraw their funds after Zach warned about the potential exit scam. 
Another blockchain analyst Peckshield also confirmed that the developer of the lending protocol on Base modified the provider of the price oracle and removed all the assets. 

Crypto Scams Continue to Plague the Industry

Instances of crypto scams related to Web3 and DeFi platforms have continued to plague the industry for a long time. 

Earlier, Zach revealed that the financial damage caused by alone in the last four months has exceeded $13.3 million. 

Bridge have resulted in the loss of $207 million in the half of this year alone. 

According to a June 30, 2023 report by web 3.0 security firm, Beosin, the total value of cryptocurrencies lost in exit scams and hacks amounted to $656 million during the first half of 2023.

The continued rise in crypto scams harms the industry in more than one way as it enables regulators to bring down strict regulations on the entire crypto industry. 

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