K-Pop Superstars Blackpink Launch Metaverse Experience in Roblox – Is The Metaverse Making a Comeback?

K-pop giant Blackpink is set to go live on the popular Roblox gaming platform with a new immersive experience for Blinks, the group’s fans.

“BLACKPINK has come to Roblox for the first time,” the event description .

‘Blackpink: The Palace’ was built by the metaverse studio in collaboration with YG PLUS, a subsidiary of the group’s label and industry titan YG Entertainment.

The event will start on August 25 and will be updated with new content throughout the year, NME .

The fans who join the experience within the first 24 hours will get a special badge that they can show on their Roblox profiles.

All the Matavese Can Offer

Per the press release, “inside the palace, fans can meet, socialise, and enjoy content from the band, visit various spaces designed around BLACKPINK’s iconic music video scenes, and enjoy some of the artists’ favourite things – from digital fashion to signature choreography.”

The Palace rooms and the grounds are themed around the scenes from the group’s videos, which regularly get millions of views or more. The famous ‘뚜두뚜두 (DDU-DU DDU-DU)’, for example, has 2.1 billion views.

Besides these interactive scenes, fans can take pictures with the avatars of the group’s members: Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo. 

They will have the option to use their Lightstick-shaped hammers to mine crystals within caverns located below the Palace. Lightsticks are a must-have in the K-pop world: each group has a differently stylized one.

The currency gained from the crystals can be used to host Blackpink-themed parties, to Mashable. 

Also, players will be rewarded with in-game currency Robux for completing challenges.

The members’ custom outfits and emotes will be available for purchase, and all players will get to practice the group’s famed choreography. 

YG PLUS’ head of IPX division, Hyojung Lee, said that in the palace, fans get to “experience everything BLACKPINK beyond the constraints of time and space.”

K-pop and Metaverse Are Old Friends

The may be on the rise thanks to its popularity among K-pop groups.

Blackpink made music history last year by the first-ever ‘Best Metaverse Performance” at the MTV VMAs for their with battle royale shooter PUBG Mobile.

Blackpink is not the only K-pop group to join Roblox either: popular groups NCT 127 and Twice opened their NCT 127 World and , respectively.

Last year, K-pop stars Sunmi and Stray Kids of Spotify‘s Roblox Island, which included a theme land called ‘K-Park’. 

The pandemic also sped the expansion into the virtual realm. Giants BTS held for fans across the world. 

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment‘s four-member girl group Aespa is well-known for having both physical and virtual members. 


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