Crypto Derivatives Exchange Bitget Makes KYC Necessary for New Users

Cryptocurrency derivatives exchange Bitget revised Know Your Customer () requirements to ensure compliance with global regulatory standards. 

The move comes as the crypto exchange aims to align its operations with recommendations from international regulatory bodies and to provide a secure environment for cryptocurrency trading.

The exchange claims that the revised KYC guidelines are put in place to safeguard the interests and rights of its users. 

Starting from September 2023, Bitget will roll out the changes to its KYC verification process. 

New users who register with the platform will be required to complete level 1 KYC verification before they can access a range of services offered by Bitget. 

These services include the ability to deposit funds and engage in the trading of various cryptocurrencies.

Bitget revealed in the announcement that they are adhering to evolving regulatory guidelines that have been proposed by global watchdogs in the financial sector.

Existing Users Get a Window of One Month 

Users who have signed up with Bitget before September 1 will be given a window of one month to complete their level 1 KYC verification. 

The deadline for completing this process is set for October 1, 2023. During the interim period between September 1 and October 1, users who haven’t yet fulfilled the KYC verification requirement will still be able to perform functions such as deposits, withdrawals, and trades without any disruption.

However, starting from October 1, users who have not completed the mandatory level 1 KYC verification will experience limitations on their account. 

These users will only be able to carry out activities like withdrawals, canceling orders, redeeming subscriptions, and closing positions. 

Creating new trading orders will be restricted for this group of users.

Bitget is clear in its intention to conduct the KYC procedures meticulously to verify the identities of its customers. 

The change in KYC policies by Bitget echoes a broader trend within the cryptocurrency exchange industry as other major exchanges have also succumbed to regulatory scrutiny over strict KYC guidelines. 

For instance, , another prominent exchange, implemented comparable requirements in July 2023. 

KuCoin’s measures include mandatory identity checks for all new users, in line with global Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations. Failing to fulfill the KYC requirements renders users ineligible to access KuCoin’s suite of services and products.

Similarly, OKX, another leading exchange in the cryptocurrency space, is also instituting a KYC process to verify user identities. This verification process, like that of Bitget, has a September deadline. Users who don’t comply with the verification process will lose access to OKX’s services from September 21.

Bitget advised its users to complete their level 1 KYC verification promptly to continue using the exchange’s services and trading functions.

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