Reddit Introduces Largest Gen 4 Collectible NFT Avatar Series ‘Retro Reimagined’ with Iconic Snoo Character

has released the Gen 4 Collectible Avatar series, the largest addition to its limited-edition non-fungible token () collection yet. 

GEN 4, titled “Retro Reimagined”, is live in the Shop, the Wednesday announcement . 

“As our biggest drop to date, you’ll notice a lot of familiar faces as well as some new ones popping up in the Shop,” the team said. 

Collectible Avatars are unique digital goods made by independent creators in partnership with Reddit. They are available for purchase for a fixed price and in local currency, and there is a set number of each artist’s Avatars that are up for sale.

Per the announcement, the collection features “collectibles that bring on warm, fuzzy feelings of nostalgia.”

It includes various interpretations of Reddit’s famous Snoo character, as well as designs from . 

The colorful, -based NFTs are priced in the range from $2.49 to $199.99. The highest-priced ones are the most complex and the most detailed.

There is also a wide range of themes and styles to choose from, unique for each artist. 

There was initially, caused by a bug, specifically for Android users: the shop was “wonky,” some items were not available, and certain $99.99 pieces were listed at $9.99. 

Reddit its NFT marketplace on the digital wallet Vault in July 2022.

The team said they learned from their previous drop, making some changes for Gen 4. 

One of these is the addition of the “initial access”: the accounts’ age and “other metrics” are taken into account on the first day of the drop, while the number of collectibles available for purchase at one time is limited.  

Per the announcement,

“These purchase constraints are meant to act as an extra layer of protection against bad actors and bad bots.”

They also included anti-bot measures such as CAPTCHA. 

After initial access ends, general access opens up, but with a daily purchase limit of $3,000 and up to 3 purchases per Collectible Avatar.

the FAQ page, these avatars also unlock additional features, such as getting “a special profile treatment and special comment treatment on posts” when set as Reddit avatars. 


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