Tourist who allegedly carved names into Rome’s Colosseum says he didn’t know the ‘antiquity of the monument’

Dimitrov allegedly scratched “Ivan+Hayley 23” on a brick wall of one of the world’s most precious buildings last week and the act was caught on video.

The tourist is being investigated by the Rome prosecutor’s office for damage to cultural property, the lawyer confirmed.

The lawyer also said that they are hoping for a plea bargain.

Culture Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano tweeted last week that the Carabinieri, a military police force, had “identified the person presumed to be responsible for the uncivilized and absurd act committed at the Colosseum.”

“An act that offended everyone across the globe who appreciate the value of archaeology, of monuments and of history,” he added.

His tweet confirmed that “Ivan and Hayley” are thought to be the names of the tourist and his girlfriend, who was filmed looking on as he carved their names.

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