Wall Street Memes Surges Past $10 Million as Investors Rush to Buy the Latest Meme Coin Before It Lists on Exchanges – How to Buy Early?

The innovative meme coin, Wall Street Memes ($WSM), has achieved an impressive milestone by surging beyond the $10 million mark in presale investment.

This burgeoning cryptocurrency is rapidly gaining popularity among early-stage investors, positioning itself as the next king of meme coins. 

Wall Street Memes Hits $10 Million Within a Month

Meme coins have played a crucial role in the recent resurgence of the cryptocurrency market. The paradigm shift began with the Pepe-the-frog meme coin project and has since spilled over.

is at the forefront of this meme coin frenzy, which has taken the torch and propelled the craze to new heights. 

Despite being launched just a month ago, this parody project has achieved an astounding milestone by surpassing $10 million in its presale.

The project’s remarkable success lies in its strong community base. With over 1 million community members, including high-profile supporters like Elon Musk, the project has established a strong foundation.

What sets Wall Street Memes apart is its involvement in the meme coin frenzy and the inspiring backstory behind its creation. 

The project is an offshoot of the, which led to the GameStop revolution of 2021. 

The event, which saw retail investors faceoff with institutional investors by buying up shares of struggling companies, has been tokenized by the Wall Street Memes project.

Now, Wall Street Memes aim to provide an earning opportunity for anyone to profit off seemingly worthless coins.

With over 400 million impressions, Wall Street Memes offers an infinite collection of financial memes that crypto investors can leverage. 

What’s even more impressive is that the project serves as a comprehensive compilation of internet memes, encompassing popular ones like Pepe, Wojak, and various . 

This allows the larger internet community to tap into a diverse range of meme-related content.

Wall Street Memes Is in Line With NFT Trend

The Wall Street Memes team sees the project as a transformative shift in the world of finance, challenging the prevailing influence of rampant capitalism that has wreaked havoc on financial markets.

In line with this vision, the project has recently unveiled a new direction by launching a Bitcoin network-focused NFT collection called Wall Street Bulls Ordinals digital collectibles. 

While some investors may question this strategic move, it’s worth noting that the project team has a commendable track record in this regard.

Prior to its launch this year, the developers were behind the hugely successful , which sold out within 32 minutes. 

With a strong community base and pro-crypto entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, many people are earmarking Wall Street Memes as a crypto asset to watch out for. 

Numerous crypto experts have even boldly suggested that it could potentially ascend to the status of being the next dominant force among meme coins.

How to Buy $WSM Tokens

So how can investors tap into the presale project? Follow the steps below;

Create a Crypto Wallet

Investors must first create a crypto wallet to store their . Some of the most popular crypto wallets are Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, WalletConnect, and others. 

Download and install the app and tap the ‘Create a new wallet’ button on the screen. Copy and save the backup phrase generated for the wallet and follow the on-screen prompts to get started.

Connect Wallet

Once the wallet is created, head to the . Then tap the ‘Buy Now’ button under the presale amount countdown. 

Select one of the list of options for the wallets and click the ‘Continue’ button on the wallet app. Once both platforms are synced, investors can proceed to the next step.

Swap ETH, USDT, BNB, or Card for $WSM

The $WSM token supports multiple purchasing methods, including using Ethereum’s ETH, USDT, Binance’s BNB, or even a regular debit/credit card. 

To proceed, select one of the available options between ETH, USDT, or Card from the presale amount countdown and insert the amount you intend to buy. 

Once done, click the ‘Buy Now’ button and follow the on-screen prompts to conclude the purchase. 

The transaction will be duly noted on the blockchain network, and users can then claim the tokens once the presale window closes.

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