New York Mets pitcher Drew Smith suspended for 10 games after apparent use of sticky substance

New York Mets pitcher Drew Smith has been given a 10-game suspension following his ejection on Tuesday for the apparent use of a sticky substance on his hands.

Michael Hill, MLB’s Senior Vice President of On-Field Operations, announced the decision which also includes an undisclosed fine for violating the prohibitions on foreign substances.

Players are permitted to use sweat and rosin on their hands, but too much of either substance is illegal in the MLB and could lead to an ejection.

Smith told reporters after the game that he had used the same amount of rosin he usually does and has experienced no other issues so far this season.

“My hands weren’t sticky,” Smith said. “The process is so arbitrary. It can change from one crew to the other. I think that’s the main issue. It just sucks for the team not having a guy for 10 days.”

In 2021, MLB introduced a new rule that meant players ejected due to sticky substances can be suspended for 10 days.

Smith’s Mets teammate Max Scherzer was ejected for the same reason earlier this season.

“We’re all angry about this one,” Scherzer told reporters after the game. “If you feel his hand, you don’t feel anything.”

Smith was stopped for a routine check in the seventh innings of the Mets’ 7-6 loss to the New York Yankees on Tuesday, before having his hands checked by all four umpires.

According to, crew chief Bill Miller told reporters: “I don’t know what it [the substance] was, I just know it was sticky.”

The Mets will not be able to replace Smith for the 10-game stretch, according to MLB rules.

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